Singer, songwriter & guitarist.

Jesse Caine has produced more original songs in one year than he has done in the previous three decades combined. It's amazing what a belated sense of urgency and a final realisation of how he was always meant to spend his life will do. He is now three original albums in, the first 'No Direction Home' produced in 2018, the second 'The Journey Out' in 2020 and the third 'The World Without The World Within' in January 2021.

Jesse has also built up a considerable library of music videos for the original songs on YouTube and we encourage you to visit his channel and (please!) subscribe.

Introducing the new album -'The World Without The World Within'

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"Dylan is a great songwriter, obviously. So is Jesse Caine, a generation later."

Read Folk Radio Guru Tony Hayne's review of 'The Journey Out' here.

"Like a lot of things, the man, his voice and his playing just get better with time. How Jesse is a secret to only a limited number of coastal dwellers always amazes me."

Read Poet and Author Graham Rhode's review of 'The Journey Out' here.

"Shades of Cat Stevens vocally with a strong and versatile guitar style that displays the influences of Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Richard Thompson".

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Jesse Caine's debut album (at the age of 49) is honest, heartfelt and fresh. Twelve songs of heartache, love, hopefulness and reflective humour - creating an individual and dynamic direction - accessible yet brutally honest.

The album 'No Direction Home' is available in Vinyl, CD and digital download versions. Both the Vinyl and CD versions also include a digital download version.

A selection of YouTube hosted videos that I created myself.
If you enjoy my music, I'd love you to subscribe (it's free!) to my YouTube Channel.

"Under Western Sun"

"The World Without The World Within"

"The Lady and The Scales"

"Hollow Moon"

"Oh, Francesca!"

"Skin of Swedish Leather"

"Noone Here"

"A Song for Leaving"
more videos...
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With his bands, and as a solo performer, Jesse has regularly headlined festivals, played with the likes of Tom Paxton, Isaac Guillory, Status Quo, The Lightning Seeds and many more. He's appeared on TV and numerous local, national and international radio shows.

New York Times Bestseller and Yorkshire Post regular columnist G.P. Taylor recently wrote “Jesse may at the moment be the bloke who plays down the pub, but with the right chance he could top the world music scene. I believe he stands on the verge of being discovered and his music being appreciated around the world."

After 20 years avoiding writing songs completely, Jesse is now back with a new album of all original music entitled ‘No Direction Home’ available in CD and Vinyl form.

He can't wait to get out and play, he wasn't able to do it for two decades. He now can.

Jesse Caine - Singer/Songwriter and Guitarist
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